Kellogg's Auto Repair Services Offered

Services Offered

Routine Maintenance

Comprehensive Vehicle Checkup

Fluid Level and Quality Checks

Air Filter, Belts and Hoses Check

Brakes Pads, Rotors and Calipers Check

Error Code Computer Scanning

Tune Ups

Spark Plugs, Boots, Wires

Starter, Alternator, Battery Check

Oil and Filter Changes


Offering advanced mobile diagnostics!

AC/Heat Diagnostics

Electrical Issues

Dash Lights and Codes

We find the source of the issue!

List of all services offered. If you don’t see the service you desire listed, feel free to ask!

  • A/C Compressor Service
  • A/C Condenser/Radiator Service
  • A/C Diagnose and Repair
  • A/C Evaporator Service
  • A/C Lines Repair/Service
  • A/C R123yf Recharge
  • A/C R134a Recharge
  • A/C Receiver-drier Service
  • A/C Restrictor Service
  • A/C Vacuum Lines
  • Accelerator Pedal Service
  • Advanced Electric Diagnostics
  • Air Cabin Filter Service
  • Air Filter Service
  • Air Inlet Duct Repair
  • Coolant Hoses Service
  • Coolant Leak Diagnose
  • Coolant Water Pump Gasket Service
  • Coolant Water Pump Service
  • Cooling Clutch Fan Service
  • Door Locks Service
  • Door Switch Service
  • Electric Cooling Fan Relay Service
  • Electric Cooling Fan Service
  • Electric Diagnosis/Repair
  • Electric Steering Rack Service
  • Electronic Diagnosis/Repair
  • Engine Mounts Service
  • Engine Oil Leak Diagnose
  • Exhaust Cat-Back Repair
  • Exhaust Catalytic Converter Service
  • Exhaust Manifold Gasket Service
  • Exhaust Manifolds Service
  • Exhaust Muffler Service
  • Fuel Injectors Service
  • Fuel Line Repair/Service
  • Fuel Pump/Sending Unit Service
  • Fuel Rail Service
  • Fuel Regulator Service
  • Fuel Tank Service
  • Head Gasket Service
  • Heater Core Service
  • Idler Arm Service
  • Intake Manifold Gasket Service
  • Intake Manifold Service
  • Intake Plenum Gasket Service
  • Intake Plenum Service
  • Lower/Upper Ball Joint Service
  • Oil Filter and Fluid Change
  • Oil Pan Gasket Service
  • Oil Pickup Tube Gasket Service
  • Oil Rear Main Seal Service
  • Outer/Inner Tie Rod Service
  • Oxygen (O2) Sensor Repair/Service
  • PCV Valve Service
  • Pitman Arm Service
  • Power Steering Lines/Hoses Service
  • Power Steering Pump Service
  • Power Steering Rack and Pinion Service
  • Power Steering Service
  • Power Window Motor Service
  • Purge Valve Service
  • Radiator Service
  • Shock/Strut Service
  • Spark Plug Coil Packs
  • Spark Plug Tube Gasket Service
  • Spark Plug Wires
  • Spark Plugs Change
  • Steering Column Service
  • Steering Gear Box Service
  • Sway/Stabilizer Bar Bushings Service
  • Sway/Stabilizer Bar Links Service
  • Throttle Body Clean/Repair/Service
  • Timing Chain/Guides/Tensioner Service
  • Timing Cover Gasket Service
  • Transmission Cooler Lines Repair/Service
  • Transmission Fluid Flush
  • Transmission Fluid Leak Diagnose
  • Transmission Fluid Pan Drop and Fill
  • Transmission Pan Filter Service
  • Transmission Pan Gasket Service
  • Vacuum Lines Repair/Service
  • Valve Cover Gaskets
  • Wheel Bearing Service
  • Window Switch Service